How to Bring Autumn’s Hues Indoors


Fall’s brilliant colors can be easily incorporated into home décor.

Autumn officially arrived on September 23, which means we’ll soon enjoy an explosion of color. Oranges, golds, reds, purples, and browns will all be in abundance as Mother Nature puts on a brilliant display. But autumn colors don’t have to stay outdoors. Many of the season’s hues are especially popular decorating colors and can be easily incorporated into home décor.

Fall color might take the form of an accent wall painted in pumpkin or a soft sueded brown, an area rug in deep burgundy and amethyst, velvety throw pillows accented with gold threading or tassels, a wallcovering border sprinkled with red apples or sheaves of wheat, or guest towels, stacked high, in all of the warm hues of the season.

Orange is perhaps the color most identified with autumn and with the two holidays—Halloween and Thanksgiving—that the season encompasses. It’s also a top decorating color which, can lift one’s spirit in any season. Orange can stand on its own and adds a powerful punch of color wherever it appears, but it also plays well with other colors.

Another popular fall color is purple, which has been named by many color experts as this year’s top decorating sensation. It’s simple to add purple to your existing décor, because so many product collections—from paint to linens—include a version of the color. Purple can add pop to a neutral color scheme, but it also has a place in more varied palettes. Greens, reds, and golds all pair well with deep purples, such as amethyst, and even dustier purples, such as plum.

Orange and purple work especially well in brightly colored contemporary-style spaces. It’s important, however, to keep all of the colors you choose in similar hues and intensities. Try adding each color gradually, starting with a decorative pillow or two, for instance, and building from there. 

Brown, meanwhile, remains one of the season’s most popular colors—although some might argue it never goes out of style. Over the years, it has become something of a decorating staple in shades ranging from light mocha to wheat to espresso. Now is the perfect time to add a delicious brown shade to your existing décor. Arrange a nut-brown rug before the fireplace, or toss a chocolate throw over your favorite chair—either will be a cozy addition as the weather turns colder.

Add any of these colors to your décor—as much or as little as your taste and budget allow. Warm and soothing, autumn’s colors are mood-setters that’ll not only help you get in the holiday spirit but also prepare you for the long winter months ahead.

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