2024 Color of the Year: Limitless

Ameritone Maui, PPG Limitless 2024

PPG has proudly introduced “Limitless” as their distinguished color pick for the year 2024. “Limitless” showcases a gentle honey beige tone, opening up an endless realm of design and styling prospects for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This color, with its understated sophistication and soothing allure, signifies a shift towards the growing preference for warmer and less intense hues.

In addition to the unveiling of the Color of the Year, PPG has ingeniously crafted three unique color palettes featuring a palette of forty complementing shades. When combined with hues from these palettes, “Limitless” emanates a warm, calming aura while maintaining a curated and elegant essence. This collection serves as a testament to the evolving cultural currents, steering towards optimism, creativity, and introspection.

The gentle honey beige of “Limitless” seamlessly blends with both warm and cool hues, including whites, pastels, earthy neutrals, soft jewel tones, and vibrant, bold shades. Moreover, it harmoniously complements black and brass metal tones, as well as silver and bronze finishes.

“Limitless” exudes a warm, sunny vibe, subtly hinting at growth and vibrant energy. Its versatility in complementing both warm and cool finishes underscores its prowess across numerous design directions, truly making it stand out.

A wonderful soft color like “Limitless” functions superbly as a neutral or a subtle accent. Its versatility opens up multiple avenues for implementation, serving as a colorful neutral for walls or kitchen cabinets. Additionally, this lovely hue can be introduced through textiles and home accessories, adding a delightful color accent.

In essence, “Limitless” embodies a perfect balance, offering both subtlety and vibrancy. Its softness enables it to seamlessly serve as a neutral backdrop, effortlessly harmonizing with various design elements. Furthermore, as a versatile hue, it can elevate a space when used as a subtle accent, contributing to an enhanced overall aesthetic.

Whether adorning walls or breathing life into kitchen cabinets, “Limitless” lends a soothing yet stylish ambiance. Integrating this captivating color into textiles and home accessories infuses a pop of freshness and vitality, further enhancing the visual appeal of the surroundings. The possibilities with “Limitless” are indeed boundless, making it a timeless choice for those seeking both versatility and sophistication in their design palette.

Stepping into Ameritone Maui to acquire “Limitless” for your painting project needs is an experience brimming with excitement and creativity. Our knowledgeable staff are available to provide expert advice on how to best incorporate this exquisite honey beige hue into your project. Whether envisioning it as the primary color to evoke a warm, soothing ambiance, or as a tasteful accent to complement your existing palette, Ameritone Maui ensures that “Limitless” becomes the perfect choice to bring your painting project to life.

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